Just some brief information about the two different breech presentations.

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Just some brief information about the two different breech presentations. You have no doubt already heard of the terms complete breech and frank breech. These terms refer to the position of the baby’s legs. In a complete breech, your baby presents with its head up in a foetal position, with its knees flexed and drawn up. Whereas in a frank breech, the baby’s legs are straight and lie upwards against its trunk. The latter position can be less favourable, as the baby is less able to push itself long and this somewhat reduces the changes of the baby being able to turn spontaneously. There are no definite statistics on this. It is also possible that one of the baby’s legs is extended and the other one is flexed.

For moxa-therapy there are no statistics about this either. Related research does not refer to this type of presentation. This is no reason for not doing it either. Moxa-therapy is a safe method for significantly increasing the changes of the baby turning spontaneously. 

The treatment

Moxa-therapy is completely painless and can be carried out at home, and the most important aspect of it is, research has shown that through moxa-therapy, the chances of a baby turning spontaneously are increased from 50% to 75%.

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The science

At this moment, the most common treatment for a baby in breech presentation is an external turn. The gynaecologist will try to turn the baby externally, by hand. About 80% of the women with a baby in breech presentation will ultimately have a caesarean operation. They would rather experience a natural delivery.

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During the more than 6500 instructions on how to use moxa-therapy for breech position, the following questions were asked most frequently. 

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“As I have just said on the answerphone: our baby has turned! Hopefully it won’t turn back again!”

-- Marieke Esser/ Mark Eshuis

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