If you have been on cloud 9 during your pregnancy

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If you have been on cloud 9 during your pregnancy, it can suddenly seem a dark cloud if it turns out that your baby is presenting in a breech position. The shock can turn your thoughts around and create concerns for the future. After all, your preference was for natural childbirth and an anticipated caesarean section will also impact on your post delivery period. It will now be important to realise that the love you will feel for your child will be no less, and that the wonderful feeling of having a little a baby in your life will be just as strong. And yes, things may well feel scary now, and you may be having all sorts of worrying thoughts but these thoughts are based on your sense of caring, which is a functional state that you are experiencing as an expression of your protective instinct for your vulnerable little being. These feelings are therefore very important and rightly so, but these feelings are not pleasant and you will have the urge to suppress them. However, these feelings are calling you into action to be able to manage this situation by 1: making sure that your baby will still adopt the correct position by gathering information and 2: if it does stay in a breech position, you mentally prepare for a caesarean section to be performed.

So even though you had not anticipated this situation, your reaction to it is almost always a natural and practical one and does not need to be and should not be fought. Focus on the situation and manage it.

The treatment

Moxa-therapy is completely painless and can be carried out at home, and the most important aspect of it is, research has shown that through moxa-therapy, the chances of a baby turning spontaneously are increased from 50% to 75%.

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The science

At this moment, the most common treatment for a baby in breech presentation is an external turn. The gynaecologist will try to turn the baby externally, by hand. About 80% of the women with a baby in breech presentation will ultimately have a caesarean operation. They would rather experience a natural delivery.

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During the more than 6500 instructions on how to use moxa-therapy for breech position, the following questions were asked most frequently. 

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“As I have just said on the answerphone: our baby has turned! Hopefully it won’t turn back again!”

-- Marieke Esser/ Mark Eshuis

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